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50 for 50: Level Up Your Environmental Advocacy With Earthjustice Today

50 for 50: Level Up Your Environmental Advocacy With Earthjustice Today

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last 50 years, it’s that your voice matters.

A hiker sits in a courtroom in the middle of a forest

Earthjustice / YouTube

On Earthjustice’s 50th anniversary, we are as determined as ever to fight for the planet and the people. With the climate crisis predicted to grow more intense, it’s never been more urgent to get involved in environmental protection efforts from our neighborhoods to the national stage.

The law is one of our strongest defenses against industries and interests that would ruin lands, waters, and communities for profit. But for real environmental progress, we also need community power on our side. That’s where you come in.

Read our explainers on key environmental issues, then use your voice on a range of policy efforts. Below, you’ll also find short films and articles about the people, places, and wildlife we’re fighting for in the courts.

We hope this collection shows the importance of this work and the part you can play in the movement toward a just and sustainable future.

7 explainers to level up your advocacy

A hiker sits in a courtroom in the middle of a forest.

Earthjustice / YouTube

Get to Know ‘The People’s Environmental Law’

The National Environmental Policy Act helps communities protect themselves from dangerous, rushed or poorly planned federal projects. Know it to defend it. Read more.

How Climate Change is Fueling Extreme Weather

Across the globe, extreme weather is becoming the new normal due to climate change. Read more.

Why Are Fossil Fuel Pipelines Are Bad for the Climate and Our Communities?
Over two million miles of oil and gas pipelines crisscross the country, endangering the waters, lands, and the global climate. Read more.

How Big Oil is Using Toxic Chemicals as a Lifeline
The fossil fuel industry is dying, but Big Oil refuses to go quietly. Now they’re doubling down, no matter how many lives it costs. Read more.

Why We Need the Tongass National Forest to Solve the Climate Crisis

Earthjustice is making huge progress in a decades-long fight to protect this ancient forest, one of our greatest natural defenses against climate change. Read more.

How Electric Vehicles Are Saving Lives

Electric transit and trucks are powerful climate solution, with the ability to reduce harmful emissions for everyone, not just the privileged few. Read more.

What is the Biodiversity Crisis?

Half of all plant and animal species may face extinction by the end of this century. Here’s how we can save them. Read more.

10 short films about the people and places behind our court battles

The Nimiipuu people, who have piloted canoes along the Snake River for millennia, are fighting to remove dams that are choking off the river and their heritage.

Walter Echo-Hawk of the Pawnee Tribe was shocked to find a pipeline project underway on his land. So his Tribe banded with us on a case that reaches into tribal lands across the U.S.

When the wind picks up on the Moapa River Indian Reservation, 30 miles north of Las Vegas, a “death trap” of toxic coal ash drifts across the desert, sending residents running for their homes.

Sarah Goody was in the sixth grade when she learned about climate change. In her freshman year in high school, she joined the global climate strike.

In Lake Apopka, Florida, Black farmworkers who were poisoned by pesticides pushing lawmakers to protect future generations from the same harms.

Fossil fuel companies are turning rural communities into casualties of fracked-gas development. This New York town created a model for holding industry accountable.

Concerned about the dangers of pesticides, farmer Jim Cochran figured out how to make tastier strawberries without the toxic chemicals. Now he’s fighting for farmworkers’ health.

Claudia Angulo’s son suffered brain damage because she was exposed to pesticides during pregnancy. Now she’s fighting for the safety of all children.

When he watched mining companies raze the mountain by his home in West Virginia, Larry Gibson made it his mission to stop this destructive practice.

Gary Kuklish spent his life working in the coal mines, but the toxic ash of the job has followed him every day since his retirement.

16 wildlife species we’ve sued to protect

California sea otter; marbled murrelet; gray wolves; bowhead whales; wolverine; Yellowstone grizzly.

Clockwise from top left: Jean Edouard Rozey / Shutterstock, Fish & Wildlife Service, Tom Murphy, Amelia Brower / NOAA, Steven Gnam, Thomas D. Mangelsen

From eagles and otters to whales and wolverines, here are just a few of the wildlife wonders Earthjustice lawsuits have saved by defending the Endangered Species Act, one of the most successful conservation laws of all time. Read more.

4 cherished monuments we’re fighting to preserve for future generations

Aerial view of Valley of the Gods, Bears Ears National Monument during sunset.

Bob Wick / BLM

Our national monuments are home to unique landscapes with immense cultural, scientific, and ecological value. Learn about the national monuments we’re fighting for, and how you can help ensure they’re preserved. Read more.

5 stories that bring environmental injustice into focus

California sea otter; marbled murrelet; gray wolves; bowhead whales; wolverine; Yellowstone grizzly.

Mark Wallheiser / Getty Images

Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley’ Is Standing Up to Big Oil
An community along the Mississippi River is uniting against the fossil fuel industry’s next big play. Read more.

The Ironbound Demands Answers After Pink Smoke Rises Over Their Community
This New Jersey community is taking on the trash incinerator that was caught burning toxic chemicals in their neighborhood. Read more.

This Michigan Community Stopped Donald Trump’s Environmental Power Grab

Decades of industrial pollution turned a once thriving Detroit-area town into a public health nightmare, but the community never gave up their fight for justice. Read more.

Tired of Backyard Sewage, a Community Demands Their Basic Human Right
One million U.S. residents lack access to basic sanitation infrastructure. These residents of this Alabama town are tired of being criminalized for it. Read more.

An Infamously Dirty River Is Coming Back to Life Thanks to Community Activism
D.C.’s Anacostia River is recovering from a legacy of pollution after decades of legal action waged by this historically Black community. Read more.

7 stories that show environmental activism starts where we live

Pink masthead that reads Lit: stories from the frontlines of climate justice

Florida’s Waters are Rising, But So Are Its People
Residents, city leaders, and frontline workers are rallying around climate resilience strategies in the absence of federal leadership. Read more.

What It’s Like to Be Boxed in by Amazon Warehouses
Warehouse workers and communities are demanding stronger environmental health protections and increased corporate responsibility. Read more.

Young People Don’t Need a Degree to Fight for Their Future
How a Utah youth activist convinced the conservative statehouse to acknowledge the threat of climate change. Read more.

We Have to Believe We Can Change the World Drastically
How protesting forces those in power to face the injustices the system has created. Read more.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Household Gas
Thanks to new technology and stronger protections, a future where anyone can live in a healthy home free of gas pollutants is now more than a green dream. Read more.

She Grew Up in the Amazon, and Now She’s Fighting for Its Life
Marina Silva talks about the importance of addressing climate change in the wake of unprecedented Amazon rainforest wildfires. Read more.

None of Us Can Go it Alone if We Want to Make Big Change Possible
Climate justice activist Marcela Mulholland recounts her journey through climate grief to finding solace and solidarity with others of her generation. Read more.

One-stop hub to take action with Earthjustice

Judges and lawmakers are hearing Earthjustice in courtrooms and policy arenas. Everywhere else, they need to be hearing from you. Visit our action center or get started with some of the major opportunities below.

Take action to protect our public lands from fossil fuel development.

Take action to put an end to oil and gas pipelines.

Take action to ensure we all breathe clean air.

Take action to safeguard U.S. waterways and drinking water.

Take action to demand a national biodiversity plan.

Take action to ensure climate investments prioritize the communities most burdened by pollution.

Take action to urge the Biden administration to follow through on its commitment to environmental justice.

Take action to ensure we're all safe from toxic coal ash.

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Court Victories Signal Hope for Communities Threatened by Coal Ash

With Great Barrier Reef on the Brink, UNESCO to Review Australia’s Climate Actions in 2022