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How’s Biden Doing on the Climate Crisis?

How’s Biden Doing on the Climate Crisis?

Earthjustice’s attorneys and policy experts rated his administration’s progress.

Biden's Climate Scorecard: green dot = major progress, yellow dot = some progress, red dot = little / no progress

Samantha Lee / Earthjustice

President Biden ran on bold commitments to combat the climate crisis. Now, as we face climate disasters across the country, we’re holding him and his administration accountable for keeping those promises. Earthjustice’s attorneys and policy experts rated Biden’s progress on goals that the U.S. must achieve — and soon — if we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. The verdict: Though there are reasons to celebrate, the president still has much work to do.

Check out the scorecard below to see the policy areas where Biden is already moving us toward a just and sustainable future — and the ones where his administration needs a push.

Climate Goal Rating
Restore U.S. climate leadership Major progress
Rejoin the Paris Agreement
Set ambitious climate and environmental justice goals
Appoint climate leaders to the cabinet
Keep fossil fuels in the ground Little / No progress
End new coal, oil, and gas leasing on federal land
Stop new fossil fuel infrastructure, exports, and pipelines like Dakota Access and Line 3
Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling
Move towards zero-emissions and 100% clean energy Some progress
Set ambitious goals for clean electricity and transportation
Invest big in clean energy and electric vehicles
Restore energy efficiency standards
Advance just and equitable climate solutions Some progress
Create an environmental justice advisory council
Invest in the communities most impacted by pollution
Defend Tribal rights and improve consultation
Change the way we use land to be a part of the solution Some progress
Protect forests that absorb climate pollution
Invest in climate-friendly agriculture resources for farmers
Ensure bioenergy initiatives provide real climate benefits
Strengthen health and environmental protections Some progress
Clean up coal ash
Restore and strengthen methane pollution standards

President Biden proposed a sweeping plan to rebuild our country’s infrastructure in a way that advances climate and environmental justice. Now Congress has a historic opportunity to make the transformative investments we need. Tell your member of Congress it’s time to invest in a pollution-free, 100% clean energy economy.

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